Saina Shelton is the founder of Insights Augmented. She spent 12 years at Google/YouTube specializing in brand & performance marketing, and content creation. She has pioneered new advertising formats and technologies on YouTube.

As the Global Lead for Google’s Brands on YouTube, she led influencer marketing, created globally adopted best practice frameworks, data-driven methodologies, and developed proven media strategies. In her five years leading Google’s YouTube Marketing, she has helped to successfully launch the largest media campaigns across Google’s top brands.

A successful entrepreneur, Saina is now focused on her second venture, Insights Augmented, a company solely focused on consulting closely with clients on digital media strategies, content creation, team culture, and business development.

Saina is passionate about problem solving, storytelling, and people development. She is experienced in building global teams at Google, and has managed training and on-boarding programs throughout her career. Saina is a mentor, a sponsor, and is a global leader in product development, and go-to-market strategies.

Saina is now focused on empowering leaders and their supporting teams as they plan, innovate, and evolve. She facilitates, trains and leads brainstorming sessions in team development, dynamics and culture.