“Saina is capable of putting the wind in your sails. She provides an infectious enthusiasm that automatically changes your perception of the world/your challenges whilst simultaneously unlocking your creativity. Whenever I am with Saina my mind is constantly running at a million miles an hour with the infinite possibilities of what can be achieved. It is not what we think but how we get there and who we get there with. Saina opens your eyes to connects the dots for yourself.”
— Tim Horne, Private Wealth Manager at International Advisor

“I had the great pleasure of working with Saina during a critical time for our company. Her ability to quickly understand our dynamic and adjust her method and material to pull the best out of us really allowed us to connect deeply to our mission and each other. She had a rare ability to connect with us individually, beyond the surface, and as a group to really know us in record time. I highly recommend adding Saina and her unique and affective style to any planning/strategic team effort. She goes with heart! Plus, she taught us all the joy of dancing like you don’t care!”
— Denis Daigle, Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer, Porpoise

“I have worked with Saina since 2008. In the last decade, she has been a constant advocate for YouTube, challenging the product to ensure it’s a place where all content creators, content consumers, brands, and advertisers can thrive. She knows the intersection of YouTube and brand advertising better than anyone, and can easily slip into any creator or advertiser’s shoes to consult on the best way to embrace YouTube.”
— Brenda Lando Fridman, Head of Marketing Solutions

“Saina is, in a word, amazing. Saina and I have worked together on several integrated executions for AT&T on their YouTube channel and she never ceases to impress me with not only her knowledge (which is vast) but also her ability to easily communicate complex technical solutions to any audience. She is incredibly responsive- even though she’s often being pulled in 10 different directions at the same time, you always feel like she’s always got you at the top of her to-do list. Clients love her and I feel very fortunate to have worked with her”
— Brian Wallace, Senior Account Executive

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Saina on multiple occasions in her capacity as a digital media thought leader and YouTube expert. Throughout all of our touch points covering innovative workshops, video audits and consultancy sessions, I found her input to be highly professional, and most importantly effective in making significant changes for our clients, for example including agreement on an updated digital media strategy for a major tech client . She is a great person to work with and comes highly recommended.”
— Joseph Taylor, Senior Vice President, Digital & Data, Vizeum Global

“Saina is a complete natural in leading people to moments of insights, creativity and clarity. With Saina as a our guide, we were lead through articulating vision to naming clear, tactical goals that would shape our route to achieving our vision. She brought out greatness in all of us.”
— Erin Willett, Brand & Culture Strategist, Co-Founder The Tap Team

“If there’s one word to describe Saina, it would be amazing! We had the privilege of working with Saina, through goal setting, strategy/planning with our company. Her way of connecting with each and every one of us on a personal and professional level was incredible. I highly recommend Saina and her unique and dynamic way of working through planning/strategy work!”
— Meghan Foreman, Head of Customer Success & Engagement at Porpoise

“I had the great pleasure of getting to know Saina at our Porpoise company goal setting retreat. During that time, she implemented her wealth of knowledge and experience to help engage us, and administrated team building exercises. The activities that she implemented with our team were very inspirational and motivating and created lots of energy within the room! We definitely came out of the experience with Saina as a stronger and more focused team. I would recommend Saina to any company, who is looking to help establish team as well as individual goals, teams looking to brainstorm and share ideas, as well as teams who simply need a push in the right direction. Saina is meant to do what she does! She does it with passion and heart, and she truly cares about people and other people’s success.”
— Daniel Crouse, Manager, Porpoise

“Saina is one amazing human! we had the chance at Porpoise to work with her and the whole experience was just unforgettable, she was able to capture our attention immediately and help us with our goal settings, strategy/planning and more. I highly recommend adding Saina to any team lucky enough to have the chance to work with her”
— Med Badr Chemmaoui, Head Of Design at Porpoise

“Saina guided our team through a series of thought provoking strategy sessions, workshops and team building activities. Her energy and creative exercises kept our team engaged. We’ve been operating at an entirely different level since working with Saina. I would highly recommend Saina to anyone who is looking to gain clarity in their company’s direction while bringing their team closer together.”
— Caleb Dow, Marketing & Growth Manager at Porpoise